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Hifz Program
ICM Learning Academy offers a comprehensive Quran memorization program for children and adults who desire to memorize the Quran.

Why Hifz Program?

  • To build a relationship with the book of Allah
  • To preserve the Quran in the heart and develop love for it that will enable us to follow it as we progress in life.

Criteria for Hifz Program

  • The Child should able to read the Qur’an with proper tajweed and makharij
  • Time: Monday-Friday

Hifz class format

  1. Child recite previous memorized portion (Sabaq)
    • This is the portion of Quran they have memorized in last seven days.
  2. New Sabaq will be assign based on performance
  3. Recap of past memorized Sabaq



Do you have male and female teachers?

Yes. We have male teachers and female teachers available according to your needs.

What levels are there?

We offer 3 levels in Quran Memorization program. Full time hifz, part time hifz and Pre Hifz program.

What are the fees?
  • The fees structure for Full time Hifz is :- $300 per month
  • The fees structure for Part time Hifz is :- $150 per month and
  • The fees structure for Pre Hifz is :- $200 per month


  • There will be a pre enrollment test. This is basically to determine the appropriate program.
  • We offer classes onsite and online