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Ever wished that your child is able to interact with the Quran in its own language…
Ever wished that your child is able to comprehend the meaning of the invocations of Salah in its own essence…
Ever wished that your child is able to communicate their problems to a trusted mentor and get an Islamic solution for it ?

Then Alhamdulillah – this course is what you were waiting for …
In Youth Quran Intensive- YQI, students are given a platform to study the summary of Quran in an orderly fashion and discuss specific issues which are relevant to their tween or teenage in light of the holy Quran and Sunnah.

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. Let us nourish them with the love of Allah and His Prophet (pbuh)-

Classes taught by: Hina Moien


What are the objectives of Youth Quran Intensive Program for Girls?

The objectives of this program are:

  • Girls Tafsir Program in English
  • Understand the Kalam of Allah in its own Language
  • Journey through entire Quran via fun interactive discussion
  • Comprehend the meaning of each and every word in Salah
  • Let’s invest in our Aakhirah by making this investment for our children with the gift of understanding Quran!
What are the fees of this program?

The fees is $25 per month for each child

Is the teacher a female teacher?

Yes, the teacher for this program is a female teacher.

what are the teacher’s qualifications?

The teacher for this program is Taleem-ul-Quran graduate from Al-Huda. She has done her B.Sc in Psychology and Islamic studies from International Online University.

Do we have any breaks or Holidays?

Yes. We have Ramadan break and Important events breaks like Eid etc.


  • This class is for girls between the ages of 10-14 years.
  • Class is taught online via Zoom and onsite.