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Hifz Program
ICM Learning Academy offers a comprehensive Quran memorization program for children and adults who desire to memorize the Quran.

Why Hifz Program?

  • To build a relationship with the book of Allah
  • To preserve the Quran in the heart and develop love for it that will enable us to follow it as we progress in life.

Criteria for Hifz Program

  • The Child should able to read the Qur’an with proper tajweed and makharij
  • Time: Monday-Friday

Hifz class format

  1. Child recite previous memorized portion (Sabaq)
    • This is the portion of Quran they have memorized in last seven days.
  2. New Sabaq will be assign based on performance
  3. Recap of past memorized Sabaq



  • There will be a pre enrollment test. This is basically to determine the appropriate program.
  • We offer classes onsite and online.