ICM Learning Academy announces our  Student of the Month based on their accomplishments in their respective classes. By creating a Student of the Month Program, ICM LA celebrates individual achievement by sustaining a culture of learning that not only values academic success, but elevates awareness of student contributions to the ICM LA community at large. The program is designed so that ANY STUDENT in ANY OF OUR CLASSES, regardless of academic ability, can receive the award. However, students who are nominated should prove they value their education by exhibiting academic responsibility and curiosity. They are also expected to demonstrate excellent behavior in and out of the classroom, which includes being respectful to both teachers and peers.

Our criteria for selection is based on

# student attendance

# significant progress in the classroom,

# notable consideration towards others

# Exemplary character and

# Respect towards teachers and classroom.

May Allah swt increase you in your knowledge. Ameen. Keep up the good work!

Ansor Bakhodir Vakhobov