There are various steps.
Step 1: Is the recognition of alphabets. Once he/she masters each concept, he is promoted to the next level.
Step 2: Learning to read Ashkaal Huroof
Step 3: Learning to read with Harkaat.
Step 4:  Learning to read with Sukoon.
Step 5: Learning to read Madd- Tabee and Madd- Leen.
Step 6: Learning to read Huroof e Shamsia and Huroof e Qamria.
Step 7: Learning to read with the application of basic tajweed rules like Izhaar, Ikhfa, Qalqala and Idghaam.
Step 8: Learning to read Madd Muttasil, Madd Munfasil and Madd Lazim.
Step 9: Learning the rules regarding when, where and how to stop during recitation.

After every step there will be a test to check the performance of students. All students must pass the previous step to qualify for the next step. Certificate of accomplishment will be awarded to the student after completing the Qaida.